Glyndebourne – Ornate 3D Lamppost

Lamppost made at Glyndebourne Opera for the 2021 Festival production Il Turco in Italia, directed by Mariame Clément and designed by Julia Hansen.

The lamppost was made at 2/3rds real depth to allow for tracking onto stage through specific sized slit in set walls. This necessitated shifting the centre point backwards through the whole structure, to allow for as much of the lantern to be included in the limited depth allotted.

Drawn up and projected at 1:1 scale from 1:25 2d card model.

Tapered steel tube formed the inner structure. Foundation surround made from birch ply (panelling and routed octagons) and timber moulding.

Central ornate base was turned from polystyrene (with slice made through the back to fit to depth specifications), with carved airex detail applied. The barley twist central pole was a achieved by head-shaping pre-tapered  half round airex mouldings. All coated with foamcoat through spray gun.

The lantern was mig welded in 8 separate trapezoids, using 15mm steel angle. These were then welded together to form the box of the lantern, using a wooden jig to ensure the correct angle in relation to each other. As the designer wished for the lantern to be sitting and a 3/4 angle to the audience, I made the lantern structure at full depth, and once the correct position was found atop the central pole, cut it in ‘half’ asymmetrically. The shifting of the central point from the start allowed me to keep true to the lantern’s real world dimensions and angles, whilst still sticking to the depth specifications. I added a mirror across the cut back of the lantern to create the illusion of full 3d depth.

I made collar and finial out of hardwood and added the final details such as Perspex panes in the windows and bent steel bar supports for the lantern.

The finish was stippled and sponged idenden, finished in a high gloss black.

The lamppost was fully practical and lit on stage.

Official Show photography  © Glyndebourne Productions Ltd. Photo: Bill Cooper